SCHD Hosts New Employee Training

Posted at 8:11 AM

SCHD leadership hosted new employee training day! This gave our newest members of the team the chance to dive into what programs make up SCHD. The session began Wednesday, March 20 and concluded Thursday, March 21. Topics discussed were from our programs within the district to give them insight on the work they do to make district 5-1 a wonderful place for public health!

Thank you to our Human Resources, I.T., Administration, Health Promotion, WIC, Dental, Children and Youth with Special Needs, Emergency Preparedness/Region H Coalition, Epidemiology, Healthy Start/Fathers Among Men, Environmental Health, Ryan White, Vital Records, and Health Department programs for their wonderful presentations.

To all new staff members, we welcome you with open arms to the SCHD family! Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do with your career!

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